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Air Liquide Medical Systems S.p.A.
Via Dei Prati 62
25073  Bovezzo (Brescia)
Tel. +39 030 20 159 11
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Air Liquide Medical Systems is now certified according to ISO 14001:2004,  the accredited international standard for environmental management systems.

One of the most important environmental developments affecting business is the new standard for environmental management, ISO 14001. This standard is being increasingly adopted or considered by many companies worldwide to gain competitive advantage. For many companies the standards may, in time, become a necessity as major customers come to prefer, expect or demand it from their suppliers. ISO 14001 could therefore become a major force for improving environmental performance along supply chains. AIr Liquide Medical Systems SpA has implemented the new standard for environmental management  ISO 14001 also to satisfy and apply the following main aims:  

  • Quality, safety and efficiency of manufactured products as well as any kind of  service and/or asssistance provided;
  • Conformity with laws and standard in force applied to the Company's activities;
  • Respect and care of the Company's environment;
  • Full safety for evybody working at and for Air Liquide Medical Systems SpA;
  • Company Policy is granted also as far as customers and suppliers are concerned: they are constantly informed